Spinach Goat cheese parcels – €6.55

Honey glazed spinach, Goat’s Cheese & Walnut Filo pastry parcels served with apple and mustard compote 

Hummus V – €6.20

Spicy Hummus & roast peppers, olive oil. Served with bread

Magical Falafels – €7.50

Spicy Hummus & roast peppers, olive oil. Served with bread

Chicken and Ham Croquettes – €7.40

Chicken & Serrano Ham béchamel Croquetas, Served with Teriyaki mayo

Marinated Olives – €4.65        

Marinated green olives

Black Olive Tapenade – V €5.45

Black olives tapenade served with bread

Sundried tomato Tapenade – V €5.75

Sundried tomato tapenade served with bread

Basket of Bread – €3.10   

Basket of bread

Fillet Steak – €15.50

4oz prime medallion fillet steak with creamy mustard pepper sauce or white wine wild mushroom sauce

Pork and  Chorizo Burger – €9.85

Pork and chorizo mince Burger with bacon, smoked cheese & Teriyaki mayo

Falafels Burger – €9.85

Chickpea patties with tomatoes, onion, pickles, salad leaves and tahini.

Beef & Pork meatballs – €9.40

Spiced beef & Pork meatballs served with hot tomato sauce

Chicken Wings – €8.95

Spicy & crispy honey glazed chicken wings served with garlic mayo

Chicken & white wine cream sauce – €9.50

Slices of Chicken breast and garlic served with creamy wine sauce

Pork Fillet and creamy mushroom sauce – €10.60

Pork fillet in creamy brandy & mushroom sauce

Chorizo & red wine tomato sauce – €8.85

Spicy Chorizo, sweet pepper, onion, red wine & tomato sauce

Cubed Lamb and cous cous – €11.60

Pan-Seared spiced cubes of Lamb served on a bed 0f mint lemon cous cous

Black Pudding and herbs – €8.75

Crispy black pudding, chickpeas in a tomato sauce with coriander and thyme

Chorizo  and Chickpeas – €8.75

Chorizo & chickpeas, onion, garlic, paprika, coriander and tomato sauce

Chorizo and fried patatoes- € 7.95

Fried potatoes with spicy Chorizo and Brava sauce

All our food is Homemade with finest ingredients

All our Beef and Lamb is 100% Irish

Chilli oil Tiger Prawns – €10.50

Tiger Prawns with garlic, paprika & chilli in olive oil (Available without chilli)

Salmon & Prawns – €11.50

Salmon & Tiger Prawns in a creamy brandy tomato & fennel sauce

Octopus Galicia style – €11.50

Sliced tender octopus served with Olive oil, Salt and Cayenne Pepper

Light battered Prawns – € 10.75

Light batter prawns served a bed of salad leaves with Teriyaki sauce

Chrispy Calamari – €9.60

Floured crispy Calamari with garlic mayo

Fresh Cod – €13.50

Pan- seared Cod in white wine, garlic, tomato Basil sauce

Seabass and Chorizo- €13.50

Pan Seared Seabass fillet with mixed peppers and Chorizo & rockets

Fresh Cod Tempura – €10.95

Crispy fresh Cod in tempura with light Garlic mayo

Fish Casserole – €14.50  

Mussels, Clams meats, Calamari, Cod, Salmon and Prawns in tomato sauce with dash of crème fraiche

Salmon with Creamy White Wine Sauce – €14.00

Pan- seared Salmon in white wine cream sauce with cherry tomatoes, spinach and fresh herbs

New Zealand Mussels – €8.75

Oven baked New Zealand Mussels covered with olive oil, paprika, garlic, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and fresh Parsley


Vegetable Paella – €10.50

Mixed Mediterranean vegetables served in Saffron Rice

Octopus Paella – €10.50

A Fusion of sliced smokey tender octopus with rice, chorizo, garlic, onion, white wine and a drizzle of tomato sauce.

Chicken & Chorizo Paella – €12.50

Chicken and chorizo, peppers, onions, garden peas & saffron Rice

Seafood Paella – €14.50

Prawns, mussels, sea food mix, Cod, Salmon, Calamari broth with peppers, onions and Saffron Rice

Iberico Ham & Manchego – €15.50

Serrano Ham, Cured Manchego cheese platter with apricot quince & bread

Cheeseboard – €13.00                                  

Cheese platter with apricot quince, caramelized Figs & crackers

(Please ask staff about the cheese)

Spanish Omelette – €7.50

Traditional Spanish Omelette with potatoes & onions served with Brava sauce

Fried Patatoes – €6.35

Homemade fried potatoes served with spicy Bravas sauce

Chrispy Chips – €4.95

Stealth fries (crispy coating)

Battered Asparragos – €6.50

Steamed Asparagus in a light batter with Teriyaki mayo

Garlic Mushrooms – €6.55

Pan fried Mushrooms with Garlic, olive oil served with parsley & roast mix nuts

Vegetable Ratatouille – €7.20

Ratatouille of Courgettes, Aubergines, Peppers, Onions, Garlic & Tomatoes

Goats Cheese & Beetroot – €8.30

Goat’s cheese flacks, mixed baby leaves, Beetroot, cherry tomatoes & walnuts with honey mustard dressing

Chickpea & Cous cous – €8.30

Spicy cous cous mixed with chickpea, peppers, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, chopped parsley, olive oil, fresh mint and lemon juice

Ocopus Salad – €14.00

Tender sliced flavooured octopus, mixed cherry tomatoes, celery, red onion, green olives, chopped parsley, lime and olive oil

Our Food

Our menu incorporate the use of classic and modern Tapas from all regions of Spain

In Casa Del Toro we only use the finest,
freshest meat & seafood

All our Spanish meats and products
are imported directly from Spain

Vegetarian Specials

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